First Podcast Episode: Complete

Last night Jaymes and I did our first test Podcast episode to see if our chemistry and conversations might be worth sharing with others. We both agreed after it was done that it was fun and we’re sure you’ll have fun listening. Our talk ran almost exactly one hour, and we primarily discussed climate change and our businesses all while giving you a peek into the strangeness that is the mind of the modern, broke millennial entrepreneur.

I have literally no idea yet how to bring you that content, but hopefully you’ll be reading this in the future when we get that sorted out (since we don’t have an audience yet.)

So feel free to head over to that part of the website and let us know what you’d like to hear us talk about or just to say hi. Thanks for joining the ObsidianRockstar crew as we treat sensitive topics with casual disregard for each others feelings so that we can make outrageous arguments and counter-points. It’s a lot of fun.

And we’re just getting started.

Introduction Blog Post by Kyle R. Chandler

Obsidian Rockstar is a podcast series featuring two Entrepreneurs, Jaymes McKenzie and Kyle R. Chandler, as they discuss the political issues of the past with the benefit of hindsight. Maybe. If that works.

If that doesn’t work, we’ll just be mean to each other until we get an audience.

Then the final, nefarious part of our plan: we pitch our businesses or ideas to you without shame or remorse a few times during the production.

Now that the business is out of the way, these blog posts and podcast are all to support our businesses, and whatever Jaymes’s website is called, possibly Rockstar Male Enhancement, I think. I’m jumping the gun so hard on this idea that Jaymes hasn’t even really agreed to it all the way yet so I’m missing a few minor, key details to be updated later.

I’m Kyle R. Chandler, and I put the R. in there because I read that it makes people think you’re smarter for some reason. Not kidding. But truth is I’m as clueless as everyone else walking on earth, just blundering around trying to do my best to live a happy life and help whatever community I might be serving. I served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear machinists mate, although not a very good one if my evals are to be trusted, and then went on to do industrial and commercial building maintenance work for about 5 years. I saved the company I was working for half a million dollars in the second half of a year 2018, bringing us from red to black by $200k, but I got a 5/5 evaluation and a 2.5% “raise” when inflation was 2.51% for the year. I decided to stop working for other people and that I could probably help the community and my family better by cutting out the middle man of traditional employment and invent a job and system that employs people at excellent wages while also solving a community economic weakness: the generally terrible state of the home maintenance industry as it stands currently.

So that’s what Obsidian Home Maintenance does. We offer subscription based service starting at $29.99 a month for access to our Obsidian Members Portal and a designated Home Engineer who will be your fix-it guy to help you diagnose anything going wrong in your home – and then get you a standard price for the labor to fix it agreed to before the work starts. No more surprise bills. No more uncertainty with uninsured and untrustworthy “handy men.” ripping you off or doing a bad job and then ghosting you, or getting hurt and putting a claim on your homeowners insurance policy (yep, they do it all the time!)

Our Quarterly ($49.99/mo) and Annual Memberships ($39.99/mo) also include the primary benefit of these subscriptions of the Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Service to cover all your routine home maintenance needs, included in these membership levels free of charge.

The Obsidian Members Portal includes access to on-demand services performed by your trusted Home Engineer, and on your schedule guaranteed or the work is performed for free.

My goal is to create a Business that values integrity over profitability, and employee enrichment over investor and my own greed. When I was first mulling this idea over while daydreaming at work, I was thinking about this kind of company and thought ‘I want that. Other people probably want that. If not me, then who will make it happen?’

The answer is that we will make it happen. Thanks for reading, and welcome to Obsidian Rockstar.